Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why this blog

I already have a blog...Travels with Jane, where you can follow me on the road and read my thoughts on wanderlust. Even catch info on some hot, just-announced travel deal.

So why start a new blog? Because I love travel, but I hate planning it. Because I want a great vacation, but I don't have time to book it. Because I figure I'm not alone.

For some people, the planning and dreaming are part of the holiday itself. For me, it's drudgery. It requires me to commit (something I hate to do.) And I guess I hate it because I know I'm going to get something wrong.

This blog is dedicated to people like me...people with no time to plan a vacation, which means they really, really need one.

Part of the problem: A good travel agent is hard to find, especially if your funds are something less than those of, say, Julia Roberts. Given the business realities of running a travel agency, most agents have to cruises, Costa Rica, or pricey lodgings. And that leaves the rest of us out on the Internet...alone.

So here's help. Each week I'll post a new column on some aspect of travel ... where to vacation if your kids are dying to ride horses, but you're not sure you want to spend the whole holiday in a saddle. How to set up a reunion without driving yourself and your friends / relatives completely nuts. How to create a romantic getaway that doesn't go awry (as so many do.)

I hope you'll follow it and comment often, offering other travelers the benefits of your own experience, positive and not-so.

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Here we go!

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